Who we are

We are a group of young undergraduate students at the marine engineering department, faculty of engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt. The goal of our research group is to verify and prove the following: For engineering students to graduate as true engineers capable of best serving their religion and humanity, they must start practicing engineering from the very beginning at college. This means that from the first years of university they should be able to pose true research problems, suggest research-worthy solutions to these problems and formulate them in the form of mature research papers that can be published in the most sophisticated international conferences and that at least present a true contribution at the conceptual level. We do not deny that our lack of experience together with the lack of financial resources (especially that our religion taught us not to seek financial support unless we are sure we will be able to make full use of it and not waste it) make the research work that we publish incomplete and not yet suitable for direct application to real life problems. And we don't claim that we did our very best. However, we thank God for helping us through publishing our work in highly reputable international conferences to prove that the legend saying "An undergraduate student is not capable of understanding and working with the most recent research ideas and tools" is a lie. On the contrary, the limitation of students can only be determined by how hard they try, seeking of course guidance and support from God. It is these trials that help motivate the students and make them appreciate the value of what they learn at college and helps them better understand their studies. When undergraduate students find that God helped them understand and deal with concepts that others in different parts of the world only start to learn in post-graduate studies, this serves as great encouragement to them and helps to raise their ambitions and hopes for the future. We also pray that our colleagues will find in our work a motivation to pursue research and to work always towards the best. We even go further beyond that to hope that our work will be a motivation to our professors and to post-graduate students to work harder and harder towards the very best. When they see that the quality of work that many people claim to be sufficient for post-graduate studies can be achieved by young undergraduate students, this will, God's willing, motivate them to work towards high quality research that can be of direct precious benefit to our communities and to humanity.
Whatever success we achieved is only due to God's guidance and the syllabus of our religion Islam and what we learnt from the life of our prophet Mohamed and all prophets (May Allah's peace and prayers be upon them all). We learnt through them the right way for conducting every aspect of life and for any deed to be correctly performed. God's syllabus taught us and showed us the way to have peace with our selves and this led to the high spirits and serenity that helped us to find time and effort to finish this work.
Any pitfalls in the work, any incompleteness or cause for criticism are due to our weak human nature. We pray that God forgive us for that and that with his blessings he do not deny us achieving our goal of bringing mercy to humanity which is the major goal of our beloved religion.